Tuesday, January 31, 2006

An Ancestor Be

Regardless of your ability
to embrace the presence and influence
of ancestors, it is easy to acknowledge a debt
to 'what has come before' -- personally
and as a culture.

One might muse then,
on what kind of ancestor you will be --
what footsteps left on the sands,
what handholds etched
on craggy cliffs --
that might help children
find their way.

consider ...


For those who drift only partly awakened,
I can be there --
need only be there --
be there --
This is the finest of attentions --
to … be the hidden handmaiden of dreams,
to … guide in silence,
to … conduct a symphony of hopes,
to … gather discarded prayers into a basket of fairywind.
Hush -- hush, for though they slumber
by choice and Current blend --
someday they will remember,
and search your cheek
for tears of joy.


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